Nagaland To Become Off-Road Motorsports Hub In India?

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There is no denying the fact that certain parts of India have very bad roads. Due to the bad condition of roads, we have seen many manufacturers who introduced off-road capable bike/cars or updated their bikes/cars with durable suspension to handle bad terrain. One such state is Nagaland which has bad public roads. This gave the state government the opportunity to make Nagaland an off-road hub for all the off-road enthusiasts and create tourism out of it.  As per a report by news agency PTI, Nagaland is eying a potential annual revenue of ₹100 crores through it.

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Off-road is also very popular motorsport around the world. Many people with their modded SUVs or trucks participate in it. Nagaland government is drawing inspiration from South Dakota Sturgis city in the United States. The city hosts 10 off-road events in which enthusiasts participate. Through this extensive dirt fest, the city manages to earn around $800 million and not only this, but it also assists in sustaining the livelihoods of 10,000 people through a 10-day event. The Nagaland government also wants to pull off something similar. It is reported that circuits are being curated and routes are being identified within a tie-up with Google.

Official statement

Kitto Zhimomi, Commissioner and Secretary of Tourism, Government of Nagaland said, “We want to make Nagaland the off-road capital of the world. We have good roads for off-roading and need virtually no investment in terms of infrastructure. All we need is to build capacities in villages. Once it’s operational, it has the potential to generate ₹100 crore revenue annually. We have to target homesteads in villages, raise funds for clean toilets and clean linens, that’s it. We don’t want volumes, we want the niche traveler to visit and experience off-roading.”

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This is not only a great news for off-road enthusiasts across the country but it will also benefit the state of Nagaland in an unimaginable way. It will exponentially increase the overall tourism in the state but will also promote several industries related to motorsports in the state. More and more people will get employment as they will open up garages, tire shops, will provide spare parts as well.

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