Mustache For Your Cars!

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Some time back, we featured a lil piece of useless and weird add-on for your car- the Carlashes- i.e Eye lashes for you car. Now, for those who felt that the Carlashes were a tad too feminine and don’t really go with your and your car’s machoism, here’s an another useless and silly product to howl up those testosterone levels. Ladies, Gentlemen and mostly freaks, allow me to introduce ‘Carstache’- Mustache for your cars, developed by Carstache company who proclaims themselves to be “The Global Leader in Automotive Facial Hair.” (Yes, with the words Global and Leader you can make anything sound classy.)

The man responsible for this invention, Ethan Eyler and the folks back in the Carstache company try hard to explain as to why they felt the need to don cars with facial hair. “We made the Carstache purely because we think it’s funny and it makes people smile. No other reason” Smile??? Try barf in excruciating pain! Available in several ridiculous colours, including black, orange, blonde, pink and grey, you can buy a chunk of facial hair for your car for $39 only!


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