‘motoroidsmag’ is one of the Top Ten Most Viewed Channels on YouTube!

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Achievements are what encourage you to strive harder at what you are doing. For us at Motoroids, our biggest achievement is you – the reader, who is the driving force of our existence. This achievement of ours keeps on getting better everyday – not kidding – we have more than a thousand fans on Facebook already! And to make sure that we continue to grow as a community with you in the focus, we try to bring new stuff everyday that actually matters to you. One such avenue that we have apart from our website and forum, is the video channel on YouTube. If you still haven’t visited it, follow this address: https://www.youtube.com/motoroidsmag. We use this channel to compile a collection of automotive videos from around the globe that may be of interest to you. Some of the videos are shot by us – which generally are scoops, reviews, launches etc. while others are top grossers from around the world that deserve your valuable attention.

Thanks to the support from all of you, it seems we are on the right path already. Our channel has been featured in the ‘Top Viewed YouTube Channels in India’ for the last three days. We started off at number 98 day-before-yesterday, and today we are on number 9 (hopefully even better by the time you read this)! That puts us in the ‘Top Ten’ listing – ahead of some popular news and/or entertainment channels on YouTube! Now this too, is an achievement for us. We might not stay at the sweet spot forever, but with continued support, interest and valuable inputs from you, we can definitely strive harder to achieve such goals again and again. So what are we waiting for, head over to our own YouTube channel, subscribe for free and give in your inputs and suggestions to make our channel even better.

Here’s your chance to be seen on one of the fastest growing Automotive Portal in India and Automotive Video Channel on YouTube! Send us a video clip/compilation of your car or bike group / stunts / automotive related story / tour / race / car or biker friends or anything and everything to do with automobiles and we’ll feature it on Motoroids.com and the MotoroidsTV YouTube channel**! What’s more, we’ll even choose the best video every month and feature it on the front page of Motoroids.com (more goodies will come soon too)!

(**Conditions Apply)

How do you send us the video? Simple, upload it on YouTube and post the link/embed the video in the Forum Thread below (registration required):


Once we review it, we’ll do the needful.

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  • Zenith says:

    Wil dis eva com 2 India? luks fresh n gud.the swift needs to be replaced wit dis 1.

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