Mercedes-Benz short action movie ‘Drive & Seek’

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Remember the slick BMW short films directed by one very well known Guy Ritchie? Seems like the Mercedes-Benz is planning to emulate its compatriots by trying their hands on a similar web-special short film with a plot – just that it’s not half as good. The 10 minute video features the new C-Class Coupe.

The short film features a bank robbery and unlike the Beemer vids, some unknown names, and it shows in the final product. The car doesn’t feature in the video prominently till as long as half its length, and finally when it does, it fails to thrill. The plot itself is so lame that that even a primary school student wouldn’t buy the story. It’s very well shot though, worth a watch, purely by virtue of its production quality and the fact that such videos are not very common. Enjoy, if you can!

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