The Menza Lucat Hits A Genuine 121 kph Top Speed, But Its Pricing Will Question Your Mensa Score


When we stumbled upon the Menza Motors stand at the Auto Expo 2018, we could see a lot of young blood really excited about the change they were about to reveal. They were screaming from the top of their voices about their product, which they wanted us to believe pulled the year 2030, 12 years back. Impressed, we noticed a veiled Menza Lucat and pulled up one of their guys to know a little more about the bike.


With a lot of enthusiasm, the guy explained that where the top speed of all other electric bikes were claimed figures, their machine hits a genuine 121 kph. He backed that figure by stating that the company guarantees that kind of performance and when nudged a little more, we heard things like “Out of this world” and “Next level”. When the bike was revealed, we did find the styling unique, what with that exposed trellis frame and carbon finished bodywork. But then, what grabbed our attention was the body panel which was bolted below the frame to cover the mechanicals. It looked, well, just too disconnected from the rest of the design. They’ve even taken it off for the picture which came through in an official release.


The crux of the story is, the Ahmedabad based electric vehicle startup is asking INR 2.79 Lakh for this motorcycle and we’re still asking ourselves, what would one be paying for? The carbon fibre finished panels? They’re not even the real thing. The styling? Not sure. The technology? Not sure either because there’s nothing that’s too groundbreaking about it or something which would instantly convert someone who rides a conventionally powered bike. The Menza Lucat can go for 100 km on a full charge in the city and for 150 km if you’re riding on the highway. It takes either 90 minutes or 4 hours to charge the power source, depending on the charging apparatus you buy.


Tipping the scales at 153 kg, the makers have tested the bike for 10,000 km before putting it into production and they say 84% of its components have been designed or manufactured locally. One of the USPs of the Lucat is that its battery can be charged by hooking it up to any wall socket. The company will also invest in a nationwide charging infrastructure which any other EV can use. For credit where it’s due, we’d say it is a great initiative.


But come back to the product, take a look at the rudimentary rear swingarm construction or the exposed cables behind the frame, the rough edges on the lower fairing, and it’ll make you think even harder as where does all that asking price go? Unique must command a price, but it can’t be absurd unless you have an unquestioned legacy to back your creation. Pre-bookings for the Menza Lucat will begin in mid-Feb, with doorstep delivery as early as mid-August. Below are all the facts and figures from an official spec sheet.

City Range: 100 Km
Highway Range: 150 Km

Type Brushless: DC motor
Peak Power: 18 KW
Max. RPM; 3000 rpm
Peak torque: 60 Nm
Constant Torque: 20 Nm
Cooling system: Air Cooled
Top Speed: 121 Km/Hr
Controller: 150 Amp

Type: 72V Li-ion battery Pack with smart BMS System
Max. Capacity: 6 Kwh
Nominal Capacity: 5.7 Kwh

Type: 2.6 KW, 30Amps
Input Supply: 220V
Charge time: 4 hours / 90 minutes

Type, Front: WP Inverted Forks
Type, Rear: Custom Monoshock
Front Suspension Travel: 150 mm
Rear Suspension Travel: 150 mm

Front Brake Disc:  300 mm dia, four-pot brake caliper
Rear Brake Disc: 230 mm dia., Single piston floating caliper

Tyres & Wheels

Front tyre: Tubeless,110/70R17
Rear tyre: Tubeless,150/60R17
Front wheels 17 inch alloy wheel
Rear wheels 17 inch alloy wheel

Transmission Direct drive
Final drive 42T/13T, 5/8 x ¼” 520 X-Ring

Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Seat height: 750 mm
Ground clearance: 180 mm
Trail: 118 mm
Rake: 25.5 degree
Kerb weight: 153 Kg

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