Maruti Suzuki launches Kizashi official website

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Just days before the official launch of the Kizashi D-segmenter, on February 2 Maruti Suzuki have launched the car’s official website. The website shows the cars in a a 360 degree view before running an AV highlighting the virtues of the car. The AV tries hard to project the Kizashi as a premium car with sporty styling, doesn’t quite have a great impact though.

There are no specs or details on the car available on the site. All you can do is watch the AV and share the link with your friends.

While the car in the videos doesn’t have any hints of  Maruti’s logo on it, with only the Suzuki logo present both at front and back, the website does have the Maruti Suzuki logo on the top left corner. We thought Suzuki would like to keep the word Maruti out for this car’s branding as much as possible, but seems like they they are not obsessed about the idea as we thought they would be.

Here’s  link to the official site:

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