MapmyIndia Rover Bike Real-time Tracking Device Launched In India

MapmyIndia Rover Launched In India. Here are more details, features, images and prices of MapmyIndia Rover Bike.

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India’s leading digital maps, GPS navigation, GPS tracking, location-based apps and GIS solutions provider, MapmyIndia announced the launch of Rover Bike. A connected IoT device for motorbikes, Rover Bike is a comprehensive solution that offers a connected biking experience.

Rover Bike is powered by MapmyIndia’s proprietary maps and location technologies and comes equipped with built-in GPS and Internet connectivity. Users get a free accompanying mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows) that keeps them connected with the bike. Rover Bike is a GPS tracker for the bike. Once installed, it lets you see where your vehicle is, through a secure portal 24×7. You get LIVE locations of your motorbike on a map, down to building-level detail, with direction as well as speed. Your rides are continuously and securely monitored and recorded. They also get the option of the animated replay of their previous rides.

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The security system ensures safety, security, compliance and maintenance of the motorcycle. Alerts and information related to ignition on/off, over-speeding, idling, breach of geo-fence (leaving from or arriving at a particular location), servicing, pollution or insurance expiry due etc. are relayed to users via the mobile app, emails and SMSes.

Users can store important documents electronically in their app such as Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy and Pollution Certificate etc. They can also see the expected time of arrival at a particular destination, get turn by turn directions to their bike when they are away from the bike or have parked it, share the current location of the vehicle, and simultaneously monitor multiple bikes – location and movement on the map. All these features make Rover Bike a must-have gadget for any bike owner and their loved ones.


Rover Bike has been priced at INR 3990. The price includes the device and SIM charges. Service for the device can be bought at INR 2400/- for a year. For SMSes, users will have to buy a suitable plan, additionally. Email Alerts are bundled free with the device. The product is available online on MapmyIndia’s official website. The product and technical assistance is also available at many bike dealerships and accessory shops across India. The hardware comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months.

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