Man in Kerala rams his Hummer into security guard for delay in opening gate

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Killer Hummer in Kerala (2)

Some things just don’t change. After running into trouble with the law for allowing his 9-year old son to drive a Ferrari in their neighborhood, Muhammed Nisham is at it again. This time though, he’s in the news for something more brutal and ghastly. The inconsiderately rude man ploughed his Hummer into a security guard, as punishment for delay in opening the gate. He didn’t stop there, pinning the man against a wall with his SUV, he then emerged from the car and repeatedly hit the guard with an iron rod, until others intervened. Later, he drove the bleeding guard a kilometer away, dragged him out and beat him up again in a cruel manner. The guard, identified by the police as Chandrabose, is critically injured and on life support in a local hospital.

Killer Hummer in Kerala (1)

Apparently, this is not the first time Nisham has had a run in with the law and there are at least seven cases pending against him in the state. In April 2013, he had allowed his minor son to drive his Ferrari in their residential complex in Thrissur. The police registered a case against him after a video was uploaded on YouTube and generated outrage. In the same year, he locked a woman sub-inspector inside his Rolls Royce when he was asked to stop for a routine check.

Killer Hummer in Kerala (3)

Nisham is the managing director of Tirunelveli-based King Beedi Co. Apart from being a prominent tobacco supplier, he has hotel and jewellery businesses in the Middle East. His fleet of cars include a Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari and a Jaguar. The man has been arrested on charges of attempt to murder and Police have seized all his vehicles, including a licensed gun they found at his residence. The enforcement directorate and income tax department would also look into the source of his income.

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