Mahindra S101 Test Mule Spied Again

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The Mahindra S101 has already been spied dozens of times. But the latest sighting throws up an interesting bit of detail about the upcoming Mahindra S101.

Mahindra S101 Spied in Motion

On numerous occasions, we have observed test mules sporting dummy headlamps. The dummy headlamps are often just bolted on, and look shabby. But in the above picture, one can notice that the S101 test mule carries an obeisance to a brand perched much higher over it. Can you guess what we are talking about?

A seasoned eye can spot that Mahindra S101 test mule looks to have been inspired by the Range Rover Evoque. Its headlight assembly is eerily similar to the upswept, tapering and slim profile of the one found on the Evoque. What were Mahindra’s designers thinking? Even though the S101 test mule is completely camouflaged, it appears that the profile too bears a resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque. Look at the sloping roofline, and the definite windowline that ascends a bit towards the north.

Mahindra S101 Spied in Motion Rear

The rear portion is where everything appears to have fallen apart. While the front portion of the Mahindra S101 test mule appears brutish and menacing, the rear end appears chubby. On top of that, the taillamp setup does little to salvage the act. Are Mahindra’s engineers acting in haste? The Mahindra S101 has been continuing its testing for a long time now, but there are no definite signs of it assuming a concrete shape.

Can Mahindra put its act together, and assemble a nice looking monocoque Compact SUV? Rumors swirling around in the industry point out that the Mahindra S101 could be christened as the XUV300. Right, it’s a Baby XUV500 !! 

The Mahindra S101 might be equipped with a 1.2 Litre petrol engine, which is currently in the works right now. Can a Baby XUV500 with Evoque-ish looks arrest the slide in Mahindra’s sales volumes?

Spyshots via MotorBash

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