Mahindra launches DiGiSENSE, a cloud based vehicle technology platform

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Mahindra DiGiSENSE

Mahindra & Mahindra launched DiGiSENSE, a technology that connects the brand’s vehicles, tractors, trucks and construction equipment to the cloud. The digitally enabled sensing technology will be available across Mahindra’s mobility products from commercial and passenger vehicles to tractors and construction equipments. According to the company, the launch makes them the first OEM in India to integrate its product line-up onto a cloud-based technology platform. It is said to empower owners, fleet operators, drivers, dealers and service teams to access information about their vehicles, trucks, tractors or construction equipment on a real time basis from the driver’s seat and afar.

The technology will empower customers to digitally build knowledge about the performance and location of their vehicles. Drivers can contact emergency breakdown services or pull up a route planner, fleet owners and dealers can track the location of their vehicles in real time, while remote diagnostics and reports allow service teams to monitor the vehicle’s health and productivity parameters on a real time basis.

DiGiSENSE will initially be available in the Jeeto and Imperio in the small commercial vehicles space; the Arjun Novo in the tractor space; the Mahindra Blazo in the heavy commercial vehicles space; and the Earthmaster in the construction equipment space. Available as a subscription-based service, the technology will eventually be available across the entire line-up of Mahindra’s vehicles.

A few features of the DiGiSENSE technology, as stated by Mahindra&Mahindra are as follows:

  • One Solution with Multitude of Applications: In DiGiSENSEMahindra has created a unified, cloud-based technology platform for its entire mobility sector. The same platform is customized to suit different applications and different sets of customers, while providing a seamless and unified Mahindra experience. A customer owning different Mahindra vehicles will still have the same user experience with individual and unique customizations.
  • Ecosystem Orchestration: Mahindra will be the first Indian OEM to have created an ecosystem of technology partners like cloud service provider, map provider, telecom network provider, hardware manufacturer and other third parties.
  • Keeping Pace with the Times: “DiGiSENSE” is an open-architecture platform that will be upgraded on a periodic basis.
  • Seamless Feature Upgrades:Customers will constantly be upgraded to the latest versions of DiGiSENSE over the cloud without ever needing to step into a showroom or dealership, similar to software upgrades on mobile phones.
  • Redefining Service Paradigms: With DiGiSENSE, Mahindra will be taking the next step towards redefining service paradigms the digital way. It’s an attempt to get closer to the customer by offering value added services directly, “then & there”, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Speaking at the launch, Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, said that digitization is emerging as a key differentiator for business transformation and connected vehicle technology is one such manifestation. At Mahindra they regularly challenge conventional thinking and create disruptions and the launch of DiGiSENSE 1.0 is one such effort to adopt technology to develop new ecosystems. He further went on to add that it is the first of its kind technology platform which is multi application and multi product enabled. From providing real time data, to tracking performance and productivity of the vehicles, DiGiSENSE will enable customers to control their businesses.

RajanWadhera, President and Chief Executive – Truck, Power Train Division and Head – MRV, Mahindra & Mahindra said,“Today technology has become an integral part of our lives and the need to stay connected is a basic necessity  for fleet owners to improve productivity and individual owners for personal needs. Connected vehicle technology has been evolving over the past decade to address customer’s needsand the convergence of technological solutions into the mobility space is gaining further relevance. At Mahindra we have always been technological pioneers with several technology firsts to our credit. DiGiSENSE is a modular, scalable, flexible and robust connected vehicle platform that has been conceived and brought to life by Mahindra by bringing together an entire ecosystem of stakeholders. We have built in several features into DiGiSENSE and will further integrate other features in the future versions. We are sure this will revolutionize the way our customers will interact with their Mahindra vehicles and will empower them to maximize their efficiencies and effectiveness.

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