Mahindra Brings its Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric Scheme to Pune

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Mahindra Reva goodbye Fuel hello Electric

Mahindra Reva Electric has announced the launch of its ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ scheme, introduced first in February to the city Pune. The company also company also announced the launch of its electric vehicle technology in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ program works towards making it easier and more practical for the prospects to own and run the Reva E2O. The scheme brings down the initial acquisition cost of the E2O electric car, as well as its usage cost. It also guarantees the performance of the battery as the ownership of the battery lies with Mahindra Reva.

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Under the scheme, the buyers have to pay only Rs 4.99 lakh as down payment to own the Reva E2O. Over and above that price, Mahindra Reva will charge a monthly energy fee starting from Rs. 2,599/-. This will take care of the rest of the cost of the vehicle, as well as the maintenance of batteries. Under this scheme, customers will be allowed to drive 50,000 KMs (800 KMs of usage per month) over 5 years. With rising fuel prices, this programme allows the customer to beat inflation by locking in the running cost for 5 years. The performance of the battery for this period is guaranteed by Mahindra.

Over and above that, Mahindra Reva is also offering 24 x 7 Assistance and courtesy car guaranteed during battery repair period. Mahindra Reva can also provide the E2O with a Quick2Charge DC Fast Charging station with its new smart port technology. The new technology allows the E2O to be completely charged in under 60 minutes. One can get a range of 25 kms in just 15 minutes.

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