Mahesh Rajoria : Your five step guide to quality driving training

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While there are many big-ticket investments done to improve the road infrastructure and enforcement of laws to bring down road accidents, having accident-free roads is not possible until and unless people give a serious thought to driving training.

Often we come across people who want to acquire a new skill such as digital photography. They would spend hours researching to find the right training institute and are ready to spend thousands on a half-month course without hesitation, but when it comes to learning driving why such a lackadaisical attitude??

Why settle for learning from kin/friends or unqualified trainers or just a neighborhood driving school. While neighborhood driving schools might be very convenient, are they really credible?

Here is a five-step guide to all those who are serious about being a safe driver.


Step 1: Choose the right Driving School

The first step to acquiring driving skill is to choose the right driving school. While neighborhood driving schools might be very convenient, checking their credibility might be a good idea.

Step 2: Check for experienced and well-trained instructors

A good driving training school will have experienced, well-trained and professional instructors. Check that instructor has a professional driver training instructor license.

Step 3: Choose the right Driving Course

Driving need for Motorcyclists, Teens, Commercial Vehicle Drivers and Passenger Vehicles is completely different.

Driving Training is not just about enabling the learner to pass a road test. It is about learning the right attitude and skills to stay safe and confident on road. Whether new to driving or refreshing driving skills a good driving training school will offer a customized driving training course that is just right. Also, check if they offer training on latest vehicles. For e.g. driving training on 2-pedal technology.

Urban mobility has changed especially with cab aggregators like Ola and Uber entering the market. The commercial drivers operating these cabs need skills to drive a vehicle and are expected to operate and follow navigation, wear the right attitude, are well behaved and respect their passengers. A good driving school would offer these courses that directly impact the behavior.

Step 4: Should Teach all traffic signs and rules of the road

Traffic signs play an important role in road safety. They direct, inform and help road users control their behavior. So, knowledge of traffic signs is essential for new license seekers, existing drivers/riders, professional commercial vehicle drivers and all road users including pedestrians.

A good driving training school will make sure that the learners are taught about all the applicable road signs.

Similarly, driving rules are as important as traffic signs. They teach the road user about lane discipline, driving safely especially at intersections, using lanes correctly and park legally which are the essential road safety habits sharing the road.

Step 5: Trains on emergency strategies

As a road user, it is important to learn how to handle emergency situations. Anyone can face situations of vehicle malfunctions like an engine on fire or tire blowout or what to do after an accident. Often people are clueless in such situations. A good driving training institute will be capable of providing training to handle such situations.

Mahesh Rajoria is the Senior Advisor, Driving Training at Maruti Suzuki.

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