Lucky Tata Tiago owners meet football legend Lionel Messi in Barcelona

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Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (3)

Tata Motors released the #TIAGO11 promotional contest hosted on the Tiago from Tata Motors Facebook page and Twitter handle. The lucky winners of the contest travelled to Barcelona, Spain, to meet the legendary football player Lionel Messi, the Global Brand Ambassador of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles.

The TIAGO11 campaign builds upon the passenger vehicles business values of trust, pioneering and having a cool quotient, as well as it’s commitment to innovation. Backed by Tata Motors’ “Made of Great” campaign, with the motto, “What drives us from within is what makes us great”, the team rolled-out the Tiago11 campaign to engage with it customers innovatively and provide them with a first-of-its kind opportunity.

Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (1)

For a quick final recap, the Tata Tiago is the latest compact hatchback from the Indian manufacturer that was launched in April 2016. Tata initially named its car as the Zica, a combination of Zippy Car. But the company was forced to change the name after the spread of the deadly Zika virus. The company announced an activity namely ‘Fantastico Namehunt’ to involve car enthusiasts and potential customers to rename the Zica.

The contest engaged with over 48,000,000 enthusiasts, registered over one hundred twenty million video views, and received thousands of name suggestions in a span of 72 hours. The company shortlisted three names – Civet, Tiago and Adore and took a public vote to select one of the three names for its latest compact hatchback.

Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (4)
Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (3)
Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (2)
Tiago Owners Meet Lionel Messi (1)

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