Latest brochures reveal that Yamaha R15 v3 is merely a flight of fantasy

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By now, we’ve already reported enough about the speculated Yamaha R15 v3. From the color options to the changes been made to the engine, plenty has already been speculated about this model. However, thanks to a latest report that have cropped up on the web world, all these rumors have suddenly started to appear baseless.


Our friends at BikeAdvice have got their hands on brochure leaks of 2014 Yamaha R15. These brochures reveal that the new colour options that the R15 was supposed to get for the v3 are instead meant to be offered with the 2014 model year R15, which, apart from new color options, gets no major updates to speak of. Hence, it seems like the speculated v3 is nothing but just a flight of fantasy. BikeAdvice claims to have spoken to their ‘sources’ at the company, who haven’t been really positive about Yamaha R15 v3 launch and the aforementioned publication has been very clear in denying all the rumors regarding the launch of the upcoming bike. They have said: “There is NO R15 Version 3! What you saw till now are just the new colour additions to the R15 lineup”. They go on to state that apart from the new colour options, there is not even a single change in the bike. It may be noted that this is exactly opposite to a claim by a popular blog, which claimed that the v3 will have a max power of 18ps.


On the contrary, the only change that the R15 has got is the advent of new color options and the updated bike will go on sale as a 2014 model. Mechanically, the bike remains unchanged and continues to have same power as before.

2014 YZF R15 Key Tech Specs:

  •     Engine: 149.8cc Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke SOHC 4-Valve
  •     Power: 17PS @ 8500 rpm
  •     Torque: 15Nm @ 7500rpm
  •     Fuel Tank Volume: 12 liters
  •     Saddle Height: 800mm
  •     Ground Clearance: 160mm
  •     Front Tyre: 90/80 x 17
  •     Rear Tyre: 130/70 x 17


2014 Yamaha YZF R15 new Colour Options:

  •     Raring Red
  •     Invincible Black
  •     Racing Blue
  •     Grid Gold (Special Edition)

So basically, all this should put an end to all the speculations on Yamaha R15 v3 launch being around the corner. The only comprehensively updated Yamaha model that is indeed coming is the Yamaha FZ v2, which has already been spotted testing on a couple of occasions. CLICK HERE to read about it.


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  • yamaha gives the safety and racing edge whereas ktm has no safety and way too light ..its not meant for racers at offence to ktm fans ..seriously bike is too light ..stunt riding is what it is meant for

  • richard says:

    is this true? i think the version 3 will came up… this webpage is just a haters of yamaha they just jealous of yamaha’s great concept and skills in motor’s design… were all waiting for the yamaha v3 this year ^_^

  • Mazualtea says:

    come on Yamaha! please dont keep on disappointing your remaining fans.. we are still expecting something more from you

  • Akash says:

    Waooo!!! King of 150 cc sports bike is back with new graphics…
    Br careful Bajaj your competitor is Yamaha “Sports King”…
    Black with golden graphics looks KILLER…
    thank’s motoroids 🙂 🙂

  • Spearo says:

    U r the on who s a gay