Land Rover Supports Red Cross to Provide Help at Hard to Reach Locations

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Red Cross is known to do various relief work all across the world in areas affected by natural calamities. The biggest challenge faced by these guys is accessing certain places. Reaching remote areas could mean the difference between life and death. Preparing for the worst in the most remote places, Land Rover has tied up with Red Cross to provide vehicles to reach these places as soon as possible and provide relief. Land Rover vehicles are equipped to handle rough terrain and go places where roads do not go, making them the best choice for this noble cause.

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In a video uploaded by the English carmaker, we see them use a Discovery Sport SUV filled with Red Cross volunteers. The video showcases their journey of providing aid and relief to the inaccessible and remote region of Chiapas in Mexico which is prone to natural calamities. The SUV takes on the rough roads like a boss, be it slush, be it water or even rocks. This great off-road prowess has helped the community of this small region and will make them prepared to help during a worst case scenario. The volunteers also have taught the locals some basic first aid practices like how to tie a bandage or help a person to lie down on a stretcher.

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Following the 2017 earthquake, the Mexican Red Cross was able to mobilise 1,200 search and rescue specialists and 31,000 volunteers to support the rescue efforts to deliver earthquake relief and response to more than a million people. Chris Thorp, Responsible Business Director, Jaguar Land Rover said: “Through our partnership with the Red Cross we are committed to providing support to isolated communities like those in the Chiapas region of Mexico. The technology and capability of Land Rover vehicles enable them to get to the hardest to reach people in some of the world’s most challenging terrain.” Land Rover has worked in partnership with the Red Cross for more than 60 years. Since 2013 the partnership has raised more than US $ 12.8 M for people in need, funding 18 humanitarian projects in 25 countries.

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