Lambretta L70 Vendetta scooter officially teased; will celebrate 70th anniversary of the brand

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Lambretta L70 Vendetta

The iconic Lambretta is all set for a grand return with a new product, the L70 which was recently teased. The company has been developing their new Lambretta for a quite some time now and will floor the scoot on its 70th anniversary. Dubbed as the Lambretta L70 or the Vendetta, the scooter will be a global re-introduction of the brand in the market.

Austria-based Kiska Design has designed the latest Lambretta L70 Vendetta. The design house is also responsible for the design of KTM motorcycles and the rebooted Husqvarna brand. With an aim to evolve the design language and philosophy of Lambretta, Kiska Design has been working with the global development and investment team of the company.

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The teaser image of the L70 is put up on Lambretta’s official website. Interestingly the name states Lambretta Vendetta 50 I 125 I 180, which could possibly mean that the Vendetta may roll out in three different variants. While the picture calls it the Vendetta, the website refers to the scooter as the L70. The silhouette of the L70 displays the Italian gusto of the scooter. The L70 is likely to receive a whole bunch of updates and upgrades to keep it competition ready.

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No details of the Lambretta L70 Vendetta are disclosed on the website, but the page shows a real time countdown that is ticking as you read. For now, the folks at Lambretta want us to wait for 34 more days for the official unveil. Till then stay tuned to us, as we will get you more details and updates of the upcoming L70.

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