Labour unrest in China hits Toyota now!


Like its compatriots Honda and Nissan, Toyota too is facing tough times in China. It is the same labour unrest which is in news these days.


While Honda had to shut four of its plants, things weren’t that bad for Toyota. The strike was in a Toyota-affiliated part maker’s workshop where a dispute between the workers and management forced Toyota to stop production at the Tiajin plant of their’s.  Thanks to the Chinese government who intervened by sending high officials and police to solve this dispute, Toyota will resume the production after a short 3 day strike, otherwise who knows the Honda episode might have been repeated. Though there are reports of some workers being beaten by the police, no confirmation is available as of now.

To solve the matter, the management has agreed to raise the basic pay every year. The regular workers will get incentives for their attendance while some of the workers who are subjected to high heat will get an additional bonus too.

On Friday, one of the Honda’s plants also witnessed its workers walking out. Though the problem has been solved temporarily, a permanent solution is still not available.

Lets hope things get back to normal soon.

News-The Wall Street Journal


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