KTM X-Bow GT Showcased at Geneva Motor Show

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The KTM X-Bow is among the most popular of the street legal, track driving oriented roofless cars out there. The KTM X-Bow has won a lot of accolades and is a regular at the much publicized Race of Champion motorsport events.

Austrian auto maker KTM, which is popular for being the manufacturer of some really tasty bikes, has now showcased the new KTM X-Bow GT at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.

In the new GT guise, the surprisingly road friendly X-Bow becomes . . .errr. . more road friendly.


The KTM X-Bow GT features a small windshield which does away with the need of a crash helmet for the driver. Another major deviation from the original X-Bow is the inclusion of two small doors for easier ingress.

Powering the new KTM X-Bow GT is an Audi-derived 2 litre TFSi petrol engine that has a max power output of 285 bhp and a peak torque figure of 420 Nm. The motor comes mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox.

Thanks to a weight of 847kgs and a power to weight ratio of 3kg per bhp, the X-Bow GT can dismiss the 100kmph figure from standstill in quick 4.1 seconds. The X-Bow GT has a claimed fuel economy figure of 12.04 kmpl

The KTM X-Bow GT costs almost 87,000 Euros (approx INR 62.17 lakhs). There surely are many more options at that price point but none of those cars offer a perfect amalgam of open air motoring and the excitement of a go-kart on steroids.

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