KTM RC200 10,000km review and ownership report by Motoroids reader Varun Thakkar

KTM RC200 10,000km review and ownership report by Motoroids follower Varun Thakkar. Read ahead for more details.

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KTM RC200 - Long Term Ownership Review (3)

  • Acquitition Date: 11th November 2014
  • ODO: 10,300 Kms
  • Services: Three
  • Overall fuel efficiency : 38-42 Kmpl

Introduced last year, the KTM RC390 changed the face of the entry level performance motorcycle in the Indian two-wheeler market. Motoring enthusiasts can now experience the thrills of the entry level performance motorcycles without dropping a bomb on their budget. But what about its smaller sibling, the RC200? The RC200 broke covers along with the RC390 but this unsung hero did not grab as much attention as its elder brother. The motorcycle impressed us quite a bit but do the owners have the same opinion? Motoroids follower Varun Thakkar shares his 10,000 kilometer long RC200 ownership experience:

KTM RC200 - Long Term Ownership Review (5)

Much has been already said about the mesmerizing looks of the KTM’s RC a.k.a Race Competition motorcycles and a lot of it stands true. The motorcycle offers an amazing value for money proposition and there aren’t many products in the RC200’s segment that can offer a better deal. The dual projector headlight with the boomerang shaped pilot DRLs gives the RC200 an alien look up front while the rear seat has been perfectly sculpted to appear like a cowl. RC200 is a sure shot attention grabber and turns heads where ever it goes.

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The super aggressive/committed ergonomics of the motorcycle make it rather difficult to ride, especially on the long runs. A ride, as short as 30 minutes, will make you get off the motorcycle and stretch your muscles. But take the motorcycle where it belongs, i.e. on the tracks, and you come to realise the real persona and the reason behind that RC badge. As said by KTM during the launch event, the RC duo have been developed for the sole purpose of being ridden on a racetrack.

The overall riding posture can get a little painful, especially in stop-and-go traffic and it won’t be easy to live the motorcycle on a day-to-day basis. But a month or so into the ownership and you might get used to the riding stance.


Short gear ratios mean that the RC200 doesn’t throw any tantrums while doing 0-60kmph and is absolutely comfortable when revved right up to the redline. It may not be as comfortable as its around the redline as its Japanese competitors but none the less, the 25bhp engine on the RC comes into its own around the 8,000 RPM mark, the sweet spot as some might say.

The KTM RC 200 has been overshadowed by its bigger sibling, the RC390. The RC 200 obviously isn’t as fast as the RC390, neither does it get ABS or sticky Metzeler rubber. But out in the real world, it’s a more practical motorcycle, with better engine refinement, more usable power, no heating issues.

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  • For more practical day to day usage would suggest to soften the rear suspension setting by 2 steps. This definitely results in loss of cornering stability at extreme level but the improvement in the ride quality is eminent.
  • Soft suspension would enable the bike to take more of the bad road conditions to itself rather than transferring it directly to the rider
  • After Market Gel seat as the cusioning on the rider seat is as good as none in stock condition.

That’s what Varun has to say about his proud possession, the RC200. Do you agree with him? You may share your own user review by writing to us at feedback@motoroids.com or share your views with us through the comments section below.

KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (11)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (10)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (9)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (8)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (6)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (5)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (4)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (3)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (2)
KTM RC200 – Long Term Ownership Review (1)

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  • Hi Nilutpal, the model in question is a KYT full-face helmet.

  • Nilutpal Saikia says:

    I really love this beast..rc 200…I really love that helmet who owns by the owner..what type of helmet do the owner has??? pls reply me in my inbox

  • tiama hrangdo says:

    How easy/difficult is it to make the pillow seat comfortable to sit on ? I like this Bike very much, but this rear seater part still holds me from purchasing it.

  • Its a capable bike and if it suits your riding style, go for it.

  • Pratik says:

    I am planning to buy KTM RC200. Need your honest opinion.

    My Daily commute is for office and on daily basis the riding is only of 20 kms and not more than that but once a month i go to hometown which is 350 kms far from my current city.

    Please suggest