JK Tyre Safety Drive Campaign to be held in 32 cities

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JK Tyre will conduct a 5 day ‘Safety Drive’ across the nation starting August 16, 2013. The activity into its 13th year will be carried out in 32 major cities across the country.

As is well known with tyre being the only point of contact of the vehicle with the road, it is extremely important for the motorist to be aware of the condition of his tyres, especially during monsoon. As a responsible tyre manufacturer JK Tyre has undertaken many initiatives to highlight the cause of road safety.

In this particular safety drive, JK Tyre is proud to partner with Indian Oil Corporation for educating the customer on this crucial aspect. The exercise will be conducted at 190 high traffic petrol pumps in 32 cities and it is expected that depending on the traffic at the petrol pump, we will be able to engage and reach out to over 2 lac customers. For this purpose in excess of 1000 trained personnel are being deployed who will check the basic health of the tyres i.e. wear nature, damage, cuts, condition of rims etc and will appropriately advise vehicle owner on condition of the tyre.

Talking about this safety initiative, Mr. Vikram Malhotra, Vice-President, Marketing & Sales, JK Tyre & Industries Limited said, ‘We aim to engage maximum customers through this initiative and make them understand the vital role of a tyre in the performance, safety and smooth functioning of a vehicle. Customers usually tend to ignore the necessary maintenance needed to keep the tyres safe, hence, we believe that this drive will certainly reduce the risk of tyre failure and encourage the customers to keep their tyres in good condition.’

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