Jeep could come up with hybrid powerplants

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It has emerged that thanks to emission standards getting stricter with every passing day, even Jeep is contemplating coming up with a set of hybrid powertrains for its models.

It is being said that the iconic American automaker is currently studying the benefits that electric motors would bring to its line up of vehicles. We feel that the instant torque that electric motors offer will surely benefit Jeep’s off road capabilities. Currently, the manufacturer is finding ways in which it can install hybrid powertrains to its vehicles.

In a recent interview with Drive, Steve Bartoli, Chrysler’s Asia-Pacific product planning manager, said,“These are very complex and expensive systems, not just for us to develop but also for the consumers,” said Bartoli. “Not only that, but range is a very important issue and we need to make sure how we can fit that into our systems because you don’t want to be stuck in a creek in an electric Jeep that is going nowhere.

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