Indian F1 GP tickets to go on sale by March end

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If you are an F1 fan, and want to watch the action LIVE at the racetrack, you can book yourself a seat for the Indian GP by March end. According to the race organizers, the tickets should be available by the aforementioned time. The capacity of the new venue is 110,000.

“We will open online booking for the event within a month,” a spokesman said. “The ticket prices will also be fixed soon. Ticket slabs are likely to ensure entry for students as well as corporate entities, as we want to attract racing enthusiasts from every strata of the society.”

The organizers are also stressing on buying the tickets only from authorized outlets, as they expect fake tickets to flood the market.

Work on the racetrack is reported to be on schedule, although knowing the Indian schedules and ways of working; it’s quite possible that you may end up buying a ticket for a GP that gets cancelled. Won’t hurt waiting till a bit later if the tickets remain available, the likelihood of which is very less.

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