India Yamaha Motor to adopt Government technical institutes in India in 2013

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Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki-MD,India Yamaha Motor and Mr.Ravinder Singh, Group Head - Service Marketing,     India Yamaha Motor felicitating  the students-2

India Yamaha Motor is all set to adopt Government Technical Institutes in various parts of India as a part of its continued CSR activity in 2013. The company has tied up with an NGO in Nepal headed by Kazumasa Kakimi San (popularly known and lovingly called as OK Baji in Nepal villages) to train students in the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) & On the job training (OJT). The first batch of two Nepal trainees who have completed their YTA training (3 months) & OJT (9 months) were certified at a felicitation ceremony in Surajpur today. The second batch of two trainees from Nepal will be arriving in India in February 2013 for further training till January 2014.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO & Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. said, “We at India Yamaha Motor take special interest in inculcating and imbibing the culture of excellence and by adopting the Government technical institutes in India, we have done just that. This country is teeming with talent and it would be an honor for us to nurture and mould that talent. These training institutes require exposure to best industry practices in terms of development and growth. Nothing would make us more happy than to see our students going that extra mile to achieve that milestone. We also have with us our trainees from Nepal have completed their YTA training & OJT. They have been remarkable and we are extremely hopeful that the second batch of trainees will benefit from this program just as much.”

India Yamaha Motor as a part of its CSR training program imparts free training to youngsters. The company takes care of all expenses for training, boarding and lodging. During the OJT, the students also receive a nominal monthly stipend from the dealers. The training course comprises of a beginner training program for a period of 30 days followed by a bronze course of 60 days duration. The duration of training at YTA, Surajpur is 90 days. The candidates are selected by the NGO in Nepal post which the OJT is given at Yamaha dealerships. The candidates are given a chance to work on customers’ vehicles for various problems / defects. The OJT at the dealership is for a period of 9 months.
Adoption of Government Technical Institutes in India
Till date, India Yamaha Motor has adopted Dayalbagh Educational Institute at Agra for the institute’s one year certificate course in Automobile engineering. From 2013, the certificate course in Automobile engineering will be modified as per the Yamaha curriculum. To adopt further institutes, the company is already in discussion with Government technical institutes in Chennai and Pune to adopt them by June 2013.
In the process of adoption of the institutes, India Yamaha Motor will set up the complete training facility at the institutes. This will comprise of providing equipments, curriculum and facilities like the company’s existing Yamaha Technical Academies. The trainers of the institute will be trained by Experts at the Yamaha Technical Academy. The company’s training Managers will also visit these institutes to give lectures and conduct seminars.
Further, the company plans to start Yamaha Technical Schools at each Yamaha Technical Academy to promote economically backward youngsters to learn Yamaha technology and get employed at Yamaha dealerships. The company will associate with NGOs to identify students for the same. The company shall start with training ten students in the first year starting at Surajpur and Chennai and then expand to other locations.

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