Hyundai’s upcoming Micro-Car

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Codenamed the ‘Green Baby’ (GB) this will be Hyundai’s answer to the current king of the car market, the Alto. Hyundai’s Indian and Korean engineers are currently working in full-swing on a micro-car platform. The GB will be dimensionally smaller than the Santro, but expect clever packaging to accommodate 4 adults, and will be priced cheaper than the Santro. It will be powered by an 800cc, 3-cylinder engine and will go head-to-head against not only the Alto but also the upcoming Spark 800 and maybe even the Nano Europa. However going by the turn-out of Hyundai’s latest products, the GB will be leaps and bounds ahead of either of its competitors. However the sad news is that the car is at least two years away. Watch this space.

Mihir Gadre

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