Honda One Make Race 2015: Updates from Round Two of the 2015 season


Honda One Make Race Round 2 (1)

Sarath Kumar (1st)takes pole position followed by Sumit Toppo (2nd), Mathana Kumar (3rd) in CBR 250 R category at Round 2 of Honda One Make Race 2015

Round 2 of the Honda One Make Race witnessed Sivanesan and Aravind take a clear win in the Honda CBR 150 Novice category. The Third Round of the 2015 MMSC- FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship got off to an exhilarating start with Hari Krishnan and Sumit Toppo winning second and third positions respectively and first position by Mathana Kumar setting a record in winning all podiums by Honda CBR 150R in Group C – 165cc category.

In the finale of Honda One Make Race Round 2 – CBR 150 R Championship Novice category, Sivanesan from Chennai took a lead to win with best lap time 01:15.199 to surprise all. He was closely given competition by Aravind B from with Best lap time 01:14.330 and Shane Thompson in third position respectively.

Honda One Make Race Round 2 (2)

Sarath Kumar maintained pole position in the finale of Honda One Make Race Round 2- CBR 250 R championship. He finished the race with best lap time 02:01.981 while closely competing with Sumit Toppo with best lap time 02:03.576 and Mathana Kumar with best lap time 02:03.151 who won second and third position respectively.

Honda requires all participants to have undergone extensive racing training from Honda Ten10 Racing Academy or any other training school recognized by MMSC (Madras Motor Sports Club). This is done basically to ensure the riders’ safety at the track.

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