Honda to Develop N-Series based Small Car for Developing Markets

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It has emerged that Japanese auto giant Honda has plans for developing a ‘smaller than Brio’ hatchback based on the N-Series. The Honda small car would go on sale in developing car markets like that of India.

Honda has already sold over 1,80,000 N-Series cars in its Home market. Honda Motor Co. President Mr. Takanobu Ito recently said that a small car based on the N-Series will play the key role for growth in developing markets.

“Japan excels at achieving high performance in a limited size. We have sharpened such technology to a level other regions can hardly imitate. It is the core of our competitiveness”, said Mr. Takanobu Ito.

According to Mr.Ito, Honda currently wishes to promote the Brio series of cars in emerging markets. The N-Series based car would come only after Honda has launched an Brio MPV.


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