Honda CBR500, CB500 & CB500X to be Unveiled on November 12

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We reported in detail when completely undisguised images of the highly anticipated Honda CBR500, CB 500 and CB500X motorcycles surfaced on the cyber space. The new 500cc bikes have a good probability of making it to Indian market. The engines and mechanicals of these three bikes are going to be largely the same, with styling being the major differentiator.

Honda plans to unveil a range of new bikes on 12th November. The bike maker has launched an online countdown timer for the unveiling ceremony at EICMA. While the bike maker has not made any announcement about the bikes that will be revealed, it is pretty much sure that the bikes to be unveiled are none other than the CBR500, CB500 and CB500X.

The CBR500 will be a mini-me version of the CBR1000RR, the CB500 that of the CB1000R                and the CB500X will mimic the recently introduced NC700X. Designed to be affordable and fun to ride, these bikes may well be dished out initially from Honda’s Thailand factory, with a good probability of later being manufactured here in India itself.

Of the three upcoming Hondas, it is the Honda CBR500R that interests us the most and has the highest chances of making it to India. The 500R will provide a bridge between the 250s and the 600s with the new bike playing an elder sibling to the baby CBR.

Technical Specifications of Honda CBR500R:

– 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

– Six-speed manual

– 46.9bhp

– 30lb/ft of torque

– 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)

– 105mph top speed

– 31-inch seat height

– 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

At this power rating, the CBR500R is almost twice as powerful as the CBR 250. The new CBR makes 30lb/ft of torque and has 50% more torque than the Ninja 300. The bike will be manufactured in Thailand and will borrow a lot of parts from the CBR250. The 500 will be almost 85% as fuel efficient as the Honda CBR250 and the new Honda CBR500R definitely offers a good blend of performance and affordability.





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