Hero Xpulse 200T Review | Retro Styled City Slicker

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The Xpulse 200T has been launched as the purported tourer variant of the Xpulse 200 adventure motorcycle. Now, while that T badge might make you want to think that all your touring wishes have been granted, in reality, it is a motorcycle which has a character very different from a tourer motorcycle. In this quick review of the Hero Xpulse 200T we will tell you all you need to know about this retro-styled machine before you make your buying decision.

Hero Impulse 200T review static side

The XPulse 200T is a somewhat retro-styled machine, meant to offer a friendly, accessible and easy to ride option to a young audience. With a low seat height of 795mm, a flat, wide handlebar and an upright riding position, the 200T comes across as a welcoming, friendly motorcycle as soon as you swing a leg over it.

Hero Impulse 200T review bike line up

The all-LED round headlamp, vertically oriented tank and that curvy, classic styled seat’s shape is all shared with the Xpulse 200. While the head and tail lamps are all-LED the blinkers are bulbs. Unlike the Xpulse 200, the ground clearance here is a much lower 179mm, and this is thanks to the smaller 17-inch alloy wheels and a shorter 130mm stroke on the front and rear suspension.

Hero Impulse 200T review LED headlight

The cowl underneath the engine here is made of plastic and has big perforations. The perforated theme is continued on the brake pedal and on an element on the exhaust as well. The seat here has a ribbed surface with a different texture on the back and contrasting white stitch. Unlike the 200 the 200T doesn’t have a flyscreen. The graphics on the tank and on the side panel are also different and more minimalistic than the 200.

Hero Impulse 200T review ABS front disc

Disc brakes up front and at the rear are 276mm and 220mm, feature single-channel ABS although unlike the 200 you don’t get petal discs here. Up front, you get MRF Nylogrip 100 section tyre, while at the rear you have a 130 section rubber.

Hero Impulse 200T review rear tyre

The instrument console is all digital and has a speedo, tacho, gear indicator, fuel gauge, odometer and two trip meters with trip time and average speed. You also get a feature wherein using Hero’s Ride Guide app, you can pair your phone with the instrument console and use then feed in a destination for turn by turn navigation on the instrument console. There’s also a feature which suggests the right gear to be engaged for best fuel efficiency.

Hero Impulse 200T review Instrument console

Switchgear includes low and high beam toggle with integrated day flasher, and engine kill switch, turn indicator switch, horn and a starter button. The handlebar is wide with nice quality grips and plastic bar ends. The grab rail doubles up as a carrier and has small rubber pegs to mount luggage on, and also has these two notches on either side to help you tie stuff with bungee cords.

Hero Impulse 200T review back seat

The engine here is a 199.6cc air cooled, 2 valve, OHC unit with 18.1 hp of power and 17.1 Nm of torque. Peak power is produced at 8000 revs with peak torque delivered at 6500 rpm.  The engine is refined, torquey and has low and mid-range pull as its highlight. It’s ideal for city use with minimal gear shifts required from its 5-speed box and pulls cleanly after 2000 rpm. In terms of numbers, you can use the bike at 30 km/h in fifth gear without any knocking or splutter. The top speeds achieved in every gear are provided below

1st Gear : 37 km/h

2nd gear : 64 km/h

3rd Gear: 88 km/h

4th Gear: 94 km/h

5th Gear: 117 km/h

Hero Impulse 200T review front quarter rolling

The engine feels smooth with minor vibes creeping in after you cross 7000 rpm, though the higher rev range is not where this engine shines. Low-end pull, tractability and decent refinement are this power plant’s highlights.  The fuel efficiency for the Xpulse 200T has been rated at 40 kmpl by ARAI and in the real world, you’ll get anywhere from 30 to 35 kmpl based on your style of riding.

Hero Impulse 200T review rear quarter rolling

The suspension here is on the stiffer side, which along with the rather firm and curvy seat doesn’t make the 200T very comfortable for long rides. The seat, being short isn’t very nice to be used by a pillion rider over longer journeys. A softer suspension and a wider, better-contoured seat would go a long way in making this motorcycle better suited for longer journeys.

Hero Impulse 200T review rear suspension

While not the most comfortable, the 200T is well mannered on the road and handled pretty well. The bike has a shorter wheelbase than the 200 and is very flickable which would make for a fabulous city runabout. The grip from the tyres around bends was adequate during our test run and the handling, including braking, didn’t leave anything to complain about either.

Hero Impulse 200T review seat

The 200T in essence, then isn’t really a tourer. However, with its refreshing retro-styled look for the segment, it offers something that stands apart from the crowd in a visual sense. It’s a friendly bike, with great tractability and an easy-going character. All of that would make for a great city runabout that would work well as a capable weekend companion for short out of city rides as well. At Rs 94,000 ex-showroom, the Xpulse 200T is a well-priced proposition for a retro-styled, friendly motorcycle that stands out from the crowd, offers decent performance and come equipped with ABS

As for being a tourer, quite frankly, it’s not one.

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