Hema Malini Rajasthan crash: An analysis of the incident and its resulting aftermath

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Hema malini crash mercedes benz

Famous politicians/actors, more often than not, when involved in a tragic incident try their best to vindicate themselves, regardless of the actual truth. Not that the above is always true, but being what they are, they’re rather accustomed to finding the easy way out. Involvement of media only adds to the post traumatic stress for the aggrieved, the celebrity involved or otherwise. This time around, actress turned politician Hema Malini’s Mercedes-Benz S-Class collided with a Maruti Alto on the Agra-Jaipur national highway near Dausa, Rajasthan – a little girl has passed away in the accident, though both involved parties are busy blaming each other.

Hema malini crash Alto

The collision between the two cars caused significant damage to the German luxury saloon, whilst almost crumpling/destroying the smaller hatchback. The latter was carrying five occupants, among which, was a little girl (between 2 to 4-years-old, there’s a wild ambiguity about the girl’s age in various reports) who unfortunately, lost her life. Since the time of the accident, this story has been draped in controversies; with both parties involved trying to put the blame on the other.


Firstly the things we can’t ascertain as of now include; the actual age of the little girl, where Malini was seated (front or rear), THE person whose fault resulted in the death of the little girl, and whether or not Hanuman (the child’s father and driver of the Alto) was following all the traffic rules. Hema Malini remains confident that Hanuman was to be blamed, as she thinks he wasn’t abiding by the traffic rules. Whereas the dead girl’s father points the blame squarely on the actress and her driver, stating that the Mercedes-Benz was travelling too fast and thus, was violating the very traffic laws that the actress thinks Hanuman broke. The deceased child’s father concretely sticks to his side of the story, stating that he switched on his turn indicators and even checked the road before making the fateful turn.

Hanuman Hema malini crash

Hanuman – Father of the little girl

We cannot be sure as to who actually did what, but there are certain facets of this story that can’t be denied outright. First clues come straight from one the police officers who attended the scene and are tasked with the investigation of this crash. According to the law enforcers, the veteran actress’ car was speeding, travelling north of 150 km/h at the time of the crash. Hema Malini also came under heavy criticism for her tweets on her Twitter channel, wherein she said:

Hema malini crash Alto victimes

Occupants of the Alto suffered severe injuries 

Malini even said that she had fallen asleep in her car prior to the collision, which, if true, begs the question as to how she could pin the blame of the whole incident on Hanuman? In fact, how could she have even known if or not Hanuman broke the law? In hindsight, Malini’s car was confirmed speeding, and that we think, is definitely not abiding by any law of the state. The controversy behind the Dausa Crash even targets the humanity side of the story.

Hema malini crash mercedes

Post the collision, a bleeding Hema Malini was rushed to the Fortis Hospital, whereas the severely injured folks inside the Maruti Alto, were taken to a government hospital, before being transferred to another later on. The politician also came under fire for her lack of support post the crash; however, the other side of the coin would reveal that the 66-year-old could also have been dazed after the high speed impact. The police have arrested Ms Malini’s driver and the injured victims of the Alto are being attended to by doctors; the latter have suffered broken bones, back injury, and above all, are having to live with the grief of a loss in the family.

Hema Malini crash girl killed

As we mentioned before, Motoroids cannot have a conclusive view on who really is to blame for this tragic crash. That said, opinions and thoughts from your end are welcome. You are also free to suggest and point any key facts that we may have missed. Do let us know what you feel about the whole story in the comments section below.

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  • Satish says:

    This is what happens in India. Accidents happen and a blame game starts. Police force is kept busy with finding all possible evidences true or false and media have their own trial outside court where people very encouragingly participates. No one thinks of unbiased long term solution for prevention. Forget about its implementation.

    Have we ever thought that why did we allow alto without airbag to ply or roads at first place? Why same manufacturer makes even base model alto exporting with airbags why we as people still demand without it?

    Hadn’t we saved lives and major injuries if airbag+abs+tcs were standard in that car? Exactly same applies when the drunk advocate woman in Audi collided with the Maruti Eeco. The picture would have been completely different; possibly there would have been nothing left for the media.


  • Sunny says:

    Just one question to you. When a person is involved in an accident that person goes into a state of trauma, where it is very difficult to know what is happening. Also when the accident occurred how could Hema Malini know who was traveling in the car. I guess you also drive then do you know who all are travelling in that car? Also the child in the car was without any kind of seat restrainment systems that are an essential part of motoring. Now I dont say that both parties are not at fault or both are at fault. Hema Malini’s driver who was overspeeding was at fault too. But the people more at fault are the officials who came to the spot who should have attended to the other car as well.

  • Basics of driving says:

    As per basics of driving, the car making a turn has to yield to the on-coming traffic i.e. in this case Mercedes had the right of way on the road and Alto had to yield onto the road only if no vehicles was coming. By only giving an indicator for turning this rule does not change.

    As for the speeding point, no one can really predict at what speed the Mercedes was driving at unless a person was sitting there with a speed gun to check the speed or the driver gives the correct speed at which he was driving. But, looking at the damage to the Mercedes, the impact does not seem to be above 80 km/h and on most Indian highways speed limits are between 80-100 km//h. If impact would have been at 150 km/h even the occupants in Mercedes would have suffered serious injuries plus there would have been more severe damage to both the cars.

  • A. K. Vaid says:

    We also bought that company’s water filter after seeing her in the advertisement and even that filter wash trash like Hema Malini! Kent company didn’t give us after-sales service and our 8500 rupees gone in trash!

  • Clayton says:

    Being a Merc I am sure it was speeding no doubt on that she being a politician they all think the roads are there for them only to travel. The Other car may have made a mistake but I see it’s a small car from a Poor family so 100% it was not speeding as everyone want to get max mileage from the car the rest is left to your imagination. Stop blaming people and passing the Buck. Let the Politician pay. After all it’s all our money they throw around.