What happened to the speculated Tata Manza CS?

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Some couple of years back, the entire web world was swarmed with rumours suggesting that Tata Motors are working on a new version of their Manza sedan– the Manza CS (Compact Sedan).

Akin to the Indigo CS, the speculated Manza CS would have been less than 4 meters long and hence, entitled to avail the excise duty cut offered by the government on such cars. Worth mentioning is that the Indigo CS, which comes with new gen Tata engines and acres of rear leg space, has always come across as a value for money product and we all hoped that the Manza CS would benefit from similar values.

It was being said that while the Manza CS would get the same engines as the Vista/Manza, it would have a slightly different front end, with headlights merging into the front grille. The rear fascia though, was being expected to remain the same. It is pretty obvious that the Manza CS, if at all it is ever launched, would benefit from the same interior space as the Manza  and the only difference would be in the boot size.

Soon after this rumour emerged, Maruti launched the latest gen Dzire, with an overall length of less than 4 metres. It was being expected that Tata would follow suit with the Manza CS but two years down the line, there is no sign of the shortened Manza. There has not been even a single sighting of a Manza CS test mule and Tata Motors haven’t yet divulged any plans of launching a Manza compact sedan variant.

With no news of the launch of Manza CS in last two years, we wonder if it would always remain a mere fragment of someone’s imagination.

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