Government of India issues guidelines to protect good samaritans

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We have seen it many times. An hapless motorist stranded on the road. Or, even worse, involved in some unfortunate incident. The latter requires immediate attention and a helping hand wouldn’t hurt the situation either. However, due to the way some things work in our country, we often find ourselves in a dilemma. Should we? Of course. Are we going to? Ummm… That’s the situation the Indian government is on the lines to resolve.

Motorcycle crash in Vasai - 1 - Lead Image

Such sights are common. Someone helping those in need, not exactly. (Image for representation, only)

Now in a case of emergency/accident, anyone can go ahead and do their bit to be a good samaritan. This noble gesture was given a push by SaveLife Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation based in Delhi. Their petition for road safety and its awareness in India has led the Supreme Court to step in and issue guidelines. The guidelines issued by the SC mandates divulgence of personal information at the hospital. However, unlike earlier, one only needs to provide his/her address. Post which, you can leave the hospital and you won’t be required to stay put by the authorities. The hospital authorities can’t ask you for treatment money, either.


Help those in need. The Supreme Court has your back, too. (Image for representation, only)

Regardless of the severity of the incident, you won’t be held accountable, be it civil or criminal liabilities. In case you get challenged/intimidated by any of the authorities, they shall face legal action for their actions. In an event where a doctor refrains to attend to the accident victim, he/she shall face legal consequences. The eyewitness will be called upon only once for cases that lead to an investigation or court trial. The SC has tasked the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to issue these guidelines.

So next time someone needs your helping hand, do not refrain. Go ahead and be the good, noble samaritan.

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