Geely earns ZERO stars in NCAP test


Imagine buying a new electronic item, say a digital camera for which u had longed since u were 10, and later realising that the camera was Made In China. Won’t you start doubting its quality?

Most of us do. Although most of the high-tech gizmos we use have some connection with China, but somehow we are biased. And the reason behind it is the instances like the one I am talking about.

The car company which is popular for making one of the safest cars in the world, Volvo is owned by a CHINESE car company Geely, one of whose products failed miserably in the Latin American NCAP(New Car Assessment Program)  test. The results came out so bad that the car, CK1 saloon wasn’t given any star rating.

The 40 mph test conducted on the Geely CK1 saloon resulted in the car’s front getting damaged badly especially the roof and door area around the driver. Hence the driver protection was declared BAD by the authorities. The car didn’t have air-bags fitted as standard, which too was one of the reasons for the low safety. When the Chinese car maker tried getting away just by saying that they will install the airbags, NCAP warned them saying, “Installing an airbag in this car would not improve occupant protection as the body shell integrity is not good.” They even had a passenger airbag switch but no airbag was fitted.

This S**T makes me wonder what Volvos of the future be like. I wish Geely does something good to get a good reputation and for Christ’s sake starts making cars safe. Don’t worry about Volvo though, they will be as SAFE as ever.

Thanks AutoExpressUK for the news and the equally important pic too.


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