Our friend Shekhar Singh clocks 1652 kms in 24 hrs on a Hero Impulse

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Our friend Shekhar Singh, who is an ardent biker and is as passionate about his 20 year old LML Vespa as he is about the litre class machines and the biggies, recently clocked 1652 kms in a time span of 24 hours on a Hero Impulse.

Shekhar Singh says that the motive behind his little adventure was to promote motorsports in India and his ‘Saddle Sore’ attempt was authorized by Iron Butt Association, USA . On this ride, Shekhar Singh managed to clock 1652 kms in exactly 23 hrs 39mins. Shekhar rode from Pune to Banglore and back. He started his journey on 4th this month and left Pune at 7:11 am. He was flagged off from Shell petrol pump in Warje. At this point of time, his Impulse’s odometer read 10140 kms. Shekhar was back in Pune (Shell, Wajre)  on 5th at exactly 6: 50 am.

The route map that Shekhar followed is as follows-
Pune-Satara-Kohlapur-Belgaum -Tumkur-Bangalore-Tumkur-Belgaum -Kohlapur-Satara-Pune

Shekhar made it a point to be wear full riding gear and used- an ISI marked high quality full face helmet , DSG Riding jacket , Cramster Riding pants , Pro Biker gloves and riding shoes.

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Shekhar started his ride with sweet wishes from his friends Devjeet Saha , Neha Gupta and Nishigandha Sarolkar . During his longest ride till date, he experienced the splendid highways of Maharashtra and Karnataka and found himself quickly getting addicted to all the low and mid end torque that the Impulse’s engine generates (Click Here to head to Hero Impulse road-test review)

Shekhar wishes to thank all his supporters, which include Hero Moto corp., Dzone Technologies- Pune, his friends at DYPDC Centre For Automobile Research And Studies, his mentors Dilip Bam and Devjeet Saha and his photographer friend Anusha James.

Shekhar Singh is currently studying car deign at DYPDC and pursues biking as a religion.

We congratulate Shekhar for his recent achievement and wish him lots of luck for his future rides.

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