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It’s just been two days since we brought you the pictures of the KTM RC390 and we have another set of pictures. Before we ask you about your take on these bikes- more particularly on the styling- let us take you back to the various reports we had brought you on the faired avatars of the popular KTM Duke right from the horse’s mouth. As long as six months back did KTM CEO Stefan Pierer mention about the faired variants of the KTM Duke making to the Indian shores post the launch in the European Union and the days seem to be nearing quick. Though the KTM RC200 and the KTM RC390 seem probable candidates for an Indian launch, we’re not sure if the KTM RC125 would be available for sale to the Indian Junta- more so from business point of view.

As aforementioned, we have already brought you pictures of the KTM RC390, now it’s time to share first ever pictures of the KTM RC125 and the KTM RC200. So it’s PICTURE START with the KTM RC125 first:

2014 KTM RC125-5

2014 KTM RC125-4

Doesn’t look any different from the KTM RC390 and you can expect the specs of the RC125 to be similar to the KTM 125 Duke with the crazy revving 125cc single cranking out 15 bhp of peak power.

After the RC125, it’s the KTM RC200 and needless to mention again, would share the same underpinnings with the 25 bhp KTM 200 Duke.

2014 KTM RC200 (4)

2014 KTM RC200 (10)

Though we have already brought you pictures of the KTM RC390, here‘s a set of the motorcycle to be offered in Racing livery. You may expect the Akrapovics to disappear off the production units. And well, KTM is tempting the tourer in you by showcasing tailbags on the motorcycle.

2014 KTM RC390 Race version

2014 KTM RC200 (6)

Do let us know your views on these motorcycles, and more particularly on the KTM RC200 and the KTM RC390 and most important the premium you are willing to pay over the unfaired versions.

And here’s the full bunch of images of the three RC variants.

2014 KTM RC200 (2)
2014 KTM RC200 (3)
2014 KTM RC200 (4)
2014 KTM RC200 (5)
2014 KTM RC200 (6)
2014 KTM RC200 (7)
2014 KTM RC200 (8)
2014 KTM RC200 (9)
2014 KTM RC390 Race version
2014 KTM RC390 Race version-2
2014 KTM RC390 Race version-3
2014 KTM RC390 stripped
2014 KTM RC390 Race version-4
2014 KTM RC200 (10)
2014 KTM RC390 Race version-5
2014 KTM RC390
2014 KTM RC390 Race version-6
2014 KTM RC200 (12)
2014 KTM RC125
2014 KTM RC125-2
2014 KTM RC125-3
2014 KTM RC125-4
2014 KTM RC125-5
2014 KTM RC200

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  • Dumpor.Com says:

    R15 offers more power good looks better package.Rc offers big brand and only top looks nothing else go for r15.

  • Aalay Jadhav says:

    10-15k more over the naked version is the best deal!

  • I Have duke 200 but my biggest concern is touring comfort and top end ( speed) . I hope this new RC390 brings the same. Apart from this wanted to check if the pillion can avail better seat, as Pillion seating is really concern on present dukes. I would rather would like to see a 390 pure tour version.

  • Ankit Rana says:

    hi frnds ktm is make best bike for india and ktm duke series bike fit for indian biker and roads .biggest usp of ktm its power to price ratio.ktm duke 200 1.35 and ktm duke 390 1.81 lakh in my ciity.this diwali i buy ktm duke 390 .in my city ktm showroom and service is better then others . so why wait go to ktm showroom this diwali and buy your faverate ktm duke.