Fiat Showcases Panda 4×4 baby SUV ahead of Paris debut

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One can smell Paris Motor Show in the air, and the most recent online unveilings for the show is the cute little Panda 4×4. The one of its kind vehicle is all set to make its debut in the stylish show in September. In its third generation now, after making its first appearance some 30 years ago, the Panda looks as adorable as ever, even in the uniform of a boy scout.
3680mm long, 1670mm wide and 1600mm tall, the Panda 4×4 is essentially the regular Panda hatch with front rear and side claddings. Fiat has also thrown in all-weather tyres, traction control and some more electronics to tackle bad terrain and slush. Make no mistake, the Panda 4×4 is rather serious about what it wants to do, with a full time (you read it right) 4WD with an electronic on-demand torque transfer to individual wheels.
Powering this little soldier will be the award winning twin air, 85bhp, 0.9 liter turbo on the petrol side and the famous 1.3 liter, 75 bhp multijet diesel.

There will be another, not so tough version of the vehicle on display as well. Christened Panda Trekking, this version would be a two wheel variant with some elements taken from its ‘bigger, badder’ sibling.

Brawn doesn’t get cuter than this. Don’t you agree? Also, does this kind of a concept make sense for our country? Would you buy this contraption? And at what price?

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