Ferrari LaFerrari Render Is Apocalypse Ready And It Comes With A Tent


You’d probably call us crazy if we told you to hop into an hypercar if an apocalypse were to strike the planet and it really wouldn’t be the most ideal advice either. Hypercars aren’t that practical. But how about this rendered Ferrari LaFerrari that looks ready to tackle almost everything in its path? The folks at Rain Prisk have digitally re-imagined this Prancing Horse in a more rugged form and boy does it look crazy.

The rendered hypercar features a massive ground clearance when compared to the near tarmac kissing stock setup. It also gets bigger wheels, wrapped around in off-road spec tyres sourced from Goodyear for better grip off the tarmac. It retains the stock headlight but further aiding the illumination department is the LED light bar that’s placed on the roof. But the most noticeable upgrade is the quick access tent that’s been placed on the roof top.

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Well, if not apocalypse, the render is definitely a perfect camping tool for folks with deep pockets. Limited in numbers, a single piece retails for a whopping 1.15 million British Pound.

The render is still a fantasy but we’re sure some bloke (most probably from the Middle-East) will give it a thought. While we hope that happens, share your views about the render through the comments section below. Do share it with your friends using the Social Media tab right below the headline.


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