Ferrari coming to India, deliveries starting this April

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Ferrari, the mother of all sports car makers, and one of the few excotic marquees eluding the Indian car market, will finally be coming to our land this April. Shreyans Motors, the Importer and seller of high-end luxury cars will be given the official bragging rights to sell Ferrari branded cars in India. Shreyans Motors are also the distributors for Porsche cars and Ducati Motorcycles in India.

The company has apparently been taking bookings for the 458 Italia, 599GTB and FF models for the past three months. Shreyans will start retailing Ferrari cars first in Delhi, and later bring the red rage to Mumbai. The deliveries for the cars will start from April.

While there hasn’t been any official word from Shreyans Auto or Ferrai in this regard, the price of the cars with the prancing horse emblem is going to be quite stratospheric. Expect the base pricing to be somewhere in the region of Rs 3.5 crore.

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