Ducati unveils its new, entry-level Scrambler; and you still can’t afford it

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Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler (1)

After rocking various motor shows with their Scramblers, Ducati has another baby from the same clan but with an electronic heart, the Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler. The e-Scrambler is a fat electric bike, built by Italwin – electric bicycle specialists, under licence from Ducati.

The maker claims that the Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler is a revolution in the field of pedal assisted cycles. The e-Scrambler is powered by a 250W three phase, brushless electric motor which along with the 2.5kg battery pack of 36V 11Ah li-ion provides a top speed of 25 kmph, and accounts for a maximum range of 50kms. The Fat e-bike rides on 4” oversized  ‘Juggernaut’ Kenda tyres that can tackle uneven surfaces like snow, sand and gravel where ordinary cycles have a hard time.

Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler (2) The Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler and the Ducati Scrambler Urbano Enduro

The bike also has disc brakes and six-stage pedal assistance, a feature that makes pedalling easier by engaging the electric motor. The styling and paintjob of the Fat e-Bike Scrambler has been inspired from Ducati’s retro styled Urban Enduro Scrambler.

Ducati Fat e-Bike Scrambler (4)

The bike completes the range of Ducati electric bicycles developed by Italwin. The Fat e-bike has a retail price of 2,640 Euros (approx Rs.1.9lakhs), and it is not known when the e-bike will be available for the Indian market.

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