Dash Cam Video : Tow Truck gets Nudged by Another Truck; Overturns and Crashes into a SUV


If you are a frequent user of the video sharing website Youtube, you may have come across atleast one dash cam accident video from Russia. The reason most dash cam videos are from Russia is there have been many cases of insurance fraud in the country and the use of dash cams to be protected against fraud is huge.

Cannot see the video ? Head over to Youtube by clicking here


Here on this page we have another dash cam video footage from Russia. In this video, you can see a speeding tow truck in the oppsite lane. The tow truck gets nudged by a dumpster, overturns and crashes into a SUV which had stopped for the red light.


The tow truck is carrying a VW Touareg, which also suffers damages. No information is available on the condition of the people in the SUV in which the tow truck crashed. We cannot imagine the feeling they must have got seeing the truck moving towards their SUV. They could see the truck coming but couldn’t do anything. A lady from a van on the left gets down and probably tries calling the emergency services.

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