Consumer Reports magazine names the least reliable cars based on owner surveys

Added in: Cadillac

Recently ConsumerReports created a list of ’20 least reliable car’ after assessing thousands of survey responses from vehicle owners. The overwhelming responses from more than happy customers highlighted the problems they faced with car electronics, brakes, transmissions, engine noise and leaks and much more.

The study isn’t out on the newsstands as of yet, but here are a few toppers of the list –

Unreliable cars (2)

Chevrolet Colorado

The counterpart of the GMC Canyon, This mid size pick up truck has failed to pick up the right momentum in the hearts of the owners. (psst…The GMC Canyon is in the list too)

Unreliable cars (5)

Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder (or the Terrano in some parts of the world), has absolutely unable to find path to the good books of the consumers.

Unreliable cars (4)

Dodge Ram 2500

This heavy duty truck has rammed into the most unreliable car-list with a lot of owner complaints.

Unreliable cars (1)

Cadillac ATS

Yes, a Cadillac is placed in the list.

Lame joke alert! – This Cadi lacks the charm to charm! Many top-tier luxury brands are dragged into the list.

And now, our final mention for this list…


The Chevrolet Corrr..wait what?? (‘Corvette’ in-case you missed)

Chevrolet has never been in a lot of ‘Top’ lists but according to the report Chevrolet has aced in this list with its contribution of 5 car models.

These were our picks out of the list of twenty. We will do a detailed article once the official reports are out. Till then let us know which ones you find unreliable!

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  • Hi Anshu, you are excused. The Nissan Pathfinder is sold as the Nissan Terrano in a some regions.

  • Anshu Bhingradia says:

    Excuse me, Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Terrano are both different cars. You said “The Nissan Pathfinder (or the Terrano in some parts of the world)”, and it is totally unreliable as both are different segment cars. Nissan Pathfinder is a 7-8 seater mid-sized SUV whereas Nissan Terrano is a 5 seater mid-sized SUV. Terrano is only released in India (according to me) whereas Nissan Pathfinder is almost everywhere except India. 🙂