Cold Warriors Contest: Shubham Dharmsktu tells us how Warmee saved the day for him

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For those who aren’t aware, Motoroids is currently running a contest in association with Warmee, a maker of economical, self heating pouches meant to be used in cold weather. As a part of this contest, we are inviting our readers to share their cold weather experiences with us on our social networks. Upon participation (which wouldn’t take more than a minute) you stand a chance to win a Yi Action Camera, genuine leather riding jacket and a supply of Warmee for you next trip to a cold region. Click on the link below to know how to participate.

How to participate in the Motoroids – Warmee Cold Warriors contest

The contest is receiving great response, with readers from the lengths and breadths of the country sharing their cold weather biking experiences and images with us, while also letting us know the tribulations they faced in sub zero temperatures.

Great Himalayan Cycle Trip warmee (1)

Shubham Dharmsktu, an avid cyclist who was crazy enough to cycle all the way up to Khardung La, trip he called the Great Himalayan Cycle Trip. Dharmsktu has shared with us a story of his daring adventure, also detailing how Warmee helped him counter the cold. Here’s his story in his own words.

I’d firstly like to thank Warmee for supporting the Great Himalayan Cycle Trip by warming my journey during the coldest and most difficult times in the Himalayas.

While cycling or traveling the coldest roads in India, the last thing you want is for your shoes to get wet and have subsequent cold feet. I experienced the same a lot of times during my trip while crossing icy cold streams and rivers.

During my past journeys, in case my feet got cold, they would become numb and cycling would become unpleasant in that condition, so I would have to stop and warm the soles of my feet with a blanket or by rubbing my hands on them. But the warmth that would provide would end as soon as I would put my shoes back on. This problem was more prevalent on this trip, and my feet especially needed constant warmth. When I needed my feet to be warm, I would put the Warmee on my slippers or sandals and ride with those on for a while. I prevented putting it in my shoes because the instructions on the packet said not to keep a Warmee in one place for too long. But thanks to Warmee my feet were a lot warmer, and cycling was a lot easier.

On the way I met a lot of other travelers and cyclists, and I shared some Warmee packets with them. I observed that most of the travelers used them to warm their palms and their neck areas. Though my experience with using the Warmees was a good one, I’d like you to provide an appropriate attachment with a Warmee pad so that the Warmee can be attached on body parts like the thighs, arms, etc, it would be very helpful, because then Warmee could be used hands free!

Here’s a small video of our trip, and how Warmee helped us keep warm

So that was Shubham’s detailed Cold Warrior story. Share your own story, or image with us; get noticed among your community. You can simply share our contest posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram to qualify for the contest. Follow the link shared above to read more about Warmee, and how to participate.


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