Check out the Tata Nano Emergency Response vehicle for Delhi Police

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The Tata Nano, draped in Delhi Police livery, that you see here in the pic above is a concept that has been showcased at the ongoing India International Security Expo, which is being held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Yes, the Tata Nano could very well become the next Police Control Room (PCR) vehicle for Delhi cops. The Tata Nano Delhi PCR concept was unveiled by Anil Goswami, Union Home Secretary, at the IISE.

This Tata Nano variant has been developed by a security firm which goes by the name ‘Grand’. Those who have an eye for detail would have noticed that the Grand supplies red and blue beacons to government vehicles. Grand goes on to say that the Nano PCR, thank to the light controls and small dimensions, can also be used by lady police drivers. We feel that this claim is definitely a tad sexist but not completely illogical.

Monty Singh of Grand security firm says that this Nano could become a competent Emergency Response vehicle. This is what he said-“We have just launched a concept of using the small car for emergency response instead of the big PCR vehicles being used at present by Delhi Police. We would want the police and other agencies tasked for exigency duties to have a look and see if this fits their bill.”

Mr. Anil Goswami said that he would ask high officials of Police forces to have a look at this Nano and see if could be inducted into the force.

You say, would you want this car to make it to Delhi Police? Let us know by commenting below.

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  • Debajit says:

    Theoretically it is a good idea. A smaller vehicle is much more practical for use in small lanes & back alleys of cities ensuring quick response by the police to an emergency. The problem I see with it is mainly to do with the power of the car lack of adequate storage space and the construction, which primarily is for family use and not designed to undergo the harsh usage common to police use. If, on the other hand, Tata Motors enhance the power output to (say) 50-55bhp, make the rear hatch open and beefup the suspension setup to take a beating, then I think this is a proposal definitely worth a consideration.

  • Praveen Tripathi says:

    seriously?????….next step would be scooty pep for indian army…

  • Abhishek says:

    This will be just like in the old hindi movies when the cops come at the end.