Check Out This Custom 5-Door Jimny With A Lift Kit!


The 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon took place from the 14th to the 16th of January. The event offers a stage to all the free souls who wish to present their custom-built vehicles to the world. While there were very many customized cars showcased at the event, the spotlight was set on the 5-Door Suzuki Jimny presented by the students of Nihon Automotive Technology School (NATS). This team took a 2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra and converted it to the “Kimun Kamui” or the “Mountain God”.

NATS Modified Suzuki Jimny Front

What’s New?

Just a glance at this car makes one realize that nothing about it in stock. The major mechanical components have been changed completely. The chassis has been customized and is now 400mm longer than the stock 3-door model. This adds more legroom for the second-row passengers. It gets a new heavy-duty suspension and the car gets a 6-inch body lift. The tires are also much bigger and fatter, with a 17-inch steel rim and all-terrain rubber stretched over them. The overall setup of this vehicle is off-road-centric.

NATS Modified Suzuki Jimny Right Side

The body shell is the only stock part on this vehicle, but that too has been modified. A custom rear door has been made to fit into the body of the 3-door variant. The rear quarter window has been reduced in size. The roof has also been custom-fabricated to fit the rear doors. The front bumper has also been custom molded and gets an integrated winch. The car also gets new fender extensions to fit the wider tires. The body is shielded by a tubular frame that runs around the body. We also get to see a front bar light right over the windshield. It also gets a roof rack with a camping tent.

NATS Modified Suzuki Jimny Front Closeup

This Jimny is powered by the same 1.5L K15B petrol engine but it is now fitted with an aftermarket turbocharger to boost performance. It also gets a new ECU tune and a blow-off valve. All this results in an increased power output of 124HP and 179Nm of torque.

NATS Modified Suzuki Jimny Left Profile

Suzuki Jimny in India

While the Mountain God is a 5-Door Jimny, it is not the one to go on sale in our country. Although India does have a plant that produces the 3-Door Jimny for exports, the brand does not show any interest in selling the 3-door version in India. In all likelihood, the brand will import the 5-door Jimny to our market, which will add to the cost of the vehicle.


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