Check out the front-end of the next Toyota Yaris aka Vitz

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It has emerged that Japanese automaker giant Toyota is busy developing the next Yaris aka Vitz for Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). We aren’t too surprised to hear this as the current car is almost four years old now and hence, it is only obvious for the manufacturer to start readying a refreshed model replacement. Seen here is a pic that provides us with a glimpse of the new car’s front-end.

As can be made out from this single image here, the upcoming JDM spec new Yaris will boast of a new front grille, new bumper and restyled headlamps. This will make the JDM spec Yaris look considerably different to the ASEAN model that was showcased at the 2013 Auto Shanghai.

The engine of the upcoming Yaris (Vitz) will benefit from electrical variable valve timing (VVT-Ie). The latest engine technology from Toyota helps in making the motor more flexible and offer better torque characteristics and fuel efficiency at the same time. The  NOX emission too are reduced. Currently, on Lexus cars from Toyota sports the VVT-Ie tech.

The new car will come with a range of engine options that would include displacements between 1 to 1.5 litres.

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