Cat from Hell: Meet the 805bhp, 1085 Nm Dodge Challenger Hellcat X!

Don't let its tuned-up appearance fool you, because this Hellcat Challenger makes more power and torque than a Lamborghini Huracan!

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One off 800bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Muscle cars are known for their, well, muscular performance (in a straight line). The sound signature made by these cars, are what some people might call “rude”. However, for petrolheads the world over, a muscle car is something one must simply have in their dream garage. If it were any, this particular (and peculiar) looking Dodge Challenger deserves to be in that dream garage. Let us introduce you to the Dodge Challenger Hellcat X; or simply put, the most powerful muscle car ever made!

This one-off Dodge Challenger Hellcat X doesn’t look too extraordinary, until you realise what’s happened under the bonnet. The standard 6.2-litre HEMI usually features a root-style supercharger for some extra kick. However, this motor gets two turbos strapped to it, over and above the existing supercharger. The two turbochargers have been crafted specially by Walsh Motorsports for this Challenger. Combine the BIG HEMI engine, one supercharger and two turbochargers; what you get is 805bhp of power and 1085 Nm of mind-numbing twisting force!

One off 800bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat engine

This HEMI has got two turbos strapped to it, as if the supercharger wasn’t enough!

The regular production Hellcat can hit 100 km/h in under 4 seconds, and can cover the quarter mile in just 10.8 seconds. Top speed of the production model will go on to hit 199 mph (318 km/h). The creators of this ‘cat from hell’ haven’t yet posted any performance figures. However, we reckon this would annihilate most supercars, as far as straight-line performance goes. Features on the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat X include aviation-inspired raw aluminium bonnet extractors, centre hood scoop, accented front grille surround, hand-fabricated rear diffuser, and adjustable high-speed chin spoiler and decklid spoiler. The “Hellcat X” has callouts on the front fenders, the wheels, and the rear fascia. On the inside, there’s embroidered “Hellcat X” callouts on seating surfaces and floor mats.

One off 800bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat front

Also, this Challenger isn’t exactly a Dodge product (at least officially). The Challenger Hellcat X is a special edition Challenger created for a charity raffle known as Dream Giveaway. Just FYI, the Challenger Hellcat X pays homage to the U.S. Navy turbocharged and supercharged prototype XF6F Hellcat fighter. The production version of this fighter aircraft scored a 19:1 kill ratio against enemy aircraft in World War II.

One off 800bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Dream Giveaway

Interested in buying one? Well, you will have to purchase a raffle ticket. If you are lucky enough, you will not only walk away with this 805bhp Hellcat X, but also win a 1970 Challenger R/T. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

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