Breaking: Fiat and Tata Motors to sell cars separately

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Seems like it’s the end of the road for Tata Fiat sharing showroom space. The relationship between the two companies never looked and sounded cordial enough although nothing was officially ever said about it officially. However, there always have been reports of Salesmen trying to push for Tata products in the Tata-Fiat showrooms, trying to convert Fiat customers into Tata buyers.

In a fresh turn of events Fiat India has decided to slowly stop selling its cars in India through the Tata Motors distribution network. The statement was made by Fiat India President Rajiv Kapoor on Tuesday. “Tata and Fiat cars won’t be sold in the same showroom anymore. We have already started the process and we will cover 20 cities in the next one-and-a-half years” said Mr Kapoor.

Right decision? Oh yes dear sir! This should have happened long back. What do you think? Discuss this topic in Motoroids Talks section

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