Brand new Honda City mysteriously catches fire minutes after owner parks it

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Honda city catches fire (3)

A brand new Honda City reportedly caught fire a fortnight ago when it was in a stationary position parked outside the house of the owner’s friend. This unfortunate incident left the front of the City completely damaged. The car had a mileage of roughly 650 kms and had not even gone through the first paid service.

The incident occurred at 8:30 P.M on 21st February when the owner, Roushan Singh, had driven to a friend’s house in Gurgaon after driving it for 15 kms from his residence. He later parked his vehicle and left in another car with his friend only to end up receiving a call from the parents of the friend that his car had caught fire.

Honda city catches fire (4)

As Roushan rushed back to the spot, the said family informed the locals who, in-turn, removed all the cars parked nearby. It took some time before the locals could extinguish the fire apart from the fact that the fire brigade had reportedly arrived after the fire was doused.  Initial findings of the fire brigade suggested that the cause of the fire was an internal issue and not any external factor.

The car being fairly new, Roushan approached Ring Road Honda (the showroom where he purchased the vehicle from) for a replacement of his burnt vehicle which the company out-rightly rejected citing external factors as a reason. Roushan added that when he asked the company to furnish a detailed report on the same, the company denied the same.

Honda city catches fire (1)

Roushan considers himself to be lucky as he was not present in the car at the time of the incident. The car, though sustained a considerable amount of damage to the engine bay, the engine, the bonnet, the front bumper, the front fender as well as the tyres of the City.

Following is an image gallery of the incident:

Honda city catches fire (4)
Honda city catches fire (3)
Honda city catches fire (2)
Honda city catches fire (1)

Source: Roushan Singh

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  • Nachiket says:

    Presence of brick can be for breaking window to take out the smoke out of the car or reachnig fire from inside in order to douse it.

  • john says:

    Honda has sold more than 1 Lakh units of City and I didn’t hear any such issues. Looking at pictures of broken driver side window and brick something looks wrong.

  • Narayanan says:

    I do not know the facts. But certain things are clear; the car caught fire; its a new car; fire service investigated and found not due to external sources.

    What is not known is what was the reaction and words exchanged when the owner informed the dealer/service center. What ever may be their response they should have investigated first and without doing so coming to a conclusion is not a good exhibit of ethics. Honda in my view have a very high standard in this regard and I would be amazed if they are also silent in this issue.

  • Jayanand says:

    If the Fire-brigade can put a stamp of authority that the fire started due to some internal cause, the car should be replaced. Or might be Honda he become to High headed to feel that their product can be at fault. Hope he goes to consumer court for this.