Brabus tunes the Mercedes E63 AMG S Wagon to 838 bhp


Brabus Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Wagon (8)

Visualizing a Station Wagon/ Estate and one would generally think of a weekend outing with family or stuffing the enhanced boot space on a Sunday shopping spree (remember the Skoda Octavia Combi?). But then the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon is one of the few that actually come close to sports car performance. While on one hand it might merrily move around doing wagon-centric duties lugging your luggage/ shopping freight- and on the other smoke the wannabe/noob racers on the highway who fail to notice the power of the AMG Badge.

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With 577 bhp and 800 nm at its disposal in stock form, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Wagon would be more than a handful for most of its owners- but for the rest who still find it under-powered drive out to BRABUS.

Brabus Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Wagon (10)

The Mercedes Benz specialized tuning house have souped up the S Wagon to produce 838 bhp and 1150 nm (the Volvo B7R makes 1200nm). The horsepower-crazy blokes at BRABUS have rebored the E63’s bi-turbo 5.5 litre V8 to 5.9 litres alongwith larger turbochargers, manifolds, forged internals and a custom billet crankshaft.

Brabus Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Wagon (5)

On the performance chart, the Brabus Mercedes E63 AMG S Wagon meets the 0-96 kph (0-60 mph) mark at 3.1 seconds with the earlier electronically limited top speed of 250 kph being revised to a now restricted 300 kph. On the other hand, the same state of tune in the saloon variant with high-speed tyres enables the car to hit a top speed of 350 kph!

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Brabus states that the 5.9 litre V8 is the most powerful engine it has produced and the full torque output that could have seen a peak of 1450 nm (huh!) has been rather restricted at 1150 nm for engine reliability. Brabus is also offering a bodykit that includes a front splitter and a rear diffuser with integrated tail pipes.

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