Bounce Infinity E1 Launched And Here’s All You Need To Know!

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Bounce has finally launched the Infinity E1 electric scooter in India today! The Bounce Infinity E1 will be offered with a unique– the first of its kind in the Indian market. The scooter with battery and charger is INR 68,999 (Delhi Ex-showroom) and the price for Scooters with Battery-as-a-Service is priced at INR 36,000 (Delhi Ex-Showroom) plus subscription to Battery-as-a-Service.

Pre-bookings and warranty

Customers can pre-book this smart scooter by paying a minimal amount of INR 499 which is totally refundable. Bounce Infinity E1 scooters are FAME II eligible. Pre-bookings start today, with deliveries slated for March 2022 through its dealership network & its online platform, for seamless deliveries across India.  It will come equipped with a comprehensive warranty of 3 years, up to 50,000 kms.

Bounce Infinity Scooter


The Bounce Infinity E1 comes in five exciting colour options: Sporty Red, Sparkle Black, Pearl White, Desat Silver and Comed Grey. Visual highlights include LED projector headlamp, LED lighting all around, stylish alloy wheels and a digital speedometer. Underseat storage stands at 12 litres. It is built on a tubular frame and features hydraulic telescopic front suspension and twin shock absorbers at the rear – optimised for ride comfort.


The Bounce Infinity E1’s system architecture has been enhanced with state-of-the-art sensors and intelligent features. Here are the highlights:

  • CANBUS: Six-axis accelerometer, overvoltage/undervoltage protection, side stand sensor, battery, motor controller, VCU, and the display all talk to each other using sophisticated CANBUS
  • SMART APP: User-centric mobile application provides a one-touch solution to control virtually every aspect of the scooter. Connect and control the Infinity E1 via Bluetooth
  • REMOTE APPLICATIONS: The Infinity E1 can be tracked remotely. Battery charge status is also available
  • GEOFENCING: You can now define your territory. The Infinity E1 will automatically alert you once it is outside your defined geographical boundaries

Bounce Infinity Scooter (3)

  • DRAG MODE: Drag Mode enables the scooter to move along at walking speed in case it has a puncture and you want to push it along
  • REVERSE MODE: This allows you to move the scooter backwards for ease in getting out of tight parking spots
  • CRUISE CONTROL: Keeps the scooter running at a steady speed, irrespective of the conditions and the terrain
  • ANTITHEFT: The Infinity E1 senses vibrations when left parked and can understand if it’s being tampered with. It locks its rear wheels in response to movement and makes it harder to move
  • TOW ALERT: The Infinity E1 alerts you if it moves out of its parking zone and gets towed. Notifications alert that this event is occurring and tracks your vehicle

Bounce Infinity Scooter (2)


It gets a 48V 39 AH BLDC motor which is IP 67 rated when it comes to waterproofing. This motor provides the Infinity E1 scooter with torque of 83 NM. Bounce E1 has a top speed of 65 kmph and can attain 0-40 kmph in 8 seconds. It also gets two modes: Power Mode when you want to zip ahead in traffic. Eco mode when you have to travel long. User safety has been ensured by incorporating a twin-disc brake assembly. Disc brakes have been integrated with an electronic braking system to ensure a smooth and quick halt. The battery can be charged by connecting to any regular electric socket and it would take around 4 to 5 hours to charge. This scooter can run 85 km in one full charge.

Bounce Infinity Scooter (1)

Battery swaps – more info

Here, customers have the choice of acquiring the Bounce Infinity E1 at a highly affordable price without the battery and use Bounce’s battery swapping network instead. Customers pay for battery swaps, whenever they swap an empty battery with a fully-charged one from Bounce’s extensive swapping network. This pushes the running costs of the scooter down substantially, by as much as 40 per cent compared to conventional scooters. The Bounce Infinity E1 will also be offered with the battery, which can be removed from the scooter and charged by customers at their home or office or wherever convenient.

Bounce Infinity Scooter (4)

Bounce has been setting up a wide battery-swapping network through prominent partnerships, which will serve both its retail customers and its successful ride-sharing business. The ambition is to build the world’s largest and densest battery swapping platform to support India’s transition to clean mobility, and offer a swapping facility within one kilometre distance for its customers.

Official statements

Mr. Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, Bounce said, “I strongly believe in the potential of electric vehicles in India – it is with this vision that we launched our in-house EV mobility solutions in June 2019. Today, we are building on our success, and to facilitate faster adoption of EVs, Bounce has taken a step ahead to develop the Infinity E1. We are committed to taking on all challenges to make India a leading EV adopter globally.”

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Bounce Infinity Scooter (5)

Mr. Hallekere further added, “The Bounce Infinity E1 is designed and engineered to cater to the evolving needs of electric scooter customers in India. Our advanced ‘Made in India’ scooter will come equipped with enhanced state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent features. We are glad to announce that we are the first and only ones to provide both options – to swap batteries from our network as well as charge-at-home – for the Infinity E1.”

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