Bombay High Court suspends Salman Khan’s Five year jail term in hit-and-run case, grants him bail

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Salman Khan hit-and-run Toyota Land Cruiser

Quashing the Session Court’s decision of handing over the popular actor with a fiver behind bars, the Bombay High Court today suspended Salman Khan’s jail term and granted him bail until the court hears his appeal at length in June or maybe July. The single-judge bench of Justice Thipsay heard arguments from both sides in the 2002 hit-and-run case, with Justice Thipsay quoted as saying,”We cannot take pleasure in the fact that someone is in custody. There is no law that says if there is alcohol (in blood) it is culpable homicide.”

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Justice Thipsay found flaws in the lower court’s decision, when during the hearing of the actor’s bail application he pointed out as why wasn’t singer Kamaal Khan (not KRK), who was also in the car during the incident, had not been examined by the police. Meanwhile, Salman Khan, who wasn’t present in the court for the hearing, has been asked to surrender his passport and has been granted bail for an amount of Rs 25,000. Makes us wonder as why were so many of his supporters flustered and went on to say things in poor taste on Twitter, when they had the common sense to understand that the Session Court’s decision would be challenged in a higher court anyways. We hope not to see them singing at a charity concert for the needy, would be such a farce if that happens.

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